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alright since i started this community i'll fill out this gayass thing




Are you Asian?:i'm an honerary asian

Either way, state your ethnicity:i'm sicillian motherfucker

If you are asian...
are you a geeky asian or a Gh3Tt0 AzN?:
are you hot?:
do you eat a lot of rice?:
are you good at math?:

If you aren't asian...
first of all you suck:i know
do you wish you were?:hellz ya

Who's your favorite asian?:mm i'd have to say either william hung or tila nguyen

Do you watch asian porn?:dur

Why are asians so fucking hot?:cause they just are

Are you an anime freak?:NO!
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Are you Asian?:hi

Either way, state your ethnicity: phillipino

If you are asian...
are you a geeky asian or a Gh3Tt0 AzN?: ghetoish
are you hot?: thas up to you
do you eat a lot of rice?: yup
are you good at math?:im alright

im a martial artist i might add
i love you. youre my hero
Sex: male

Age: 25

Are you Asian?: I'm half Chinese. The other half is Native American. Indians originally came from Asia so I guess I'm straddling the line at half.

Either way, state your ethnicity: Half Chinese Half Native American. I just covered this.

If you are asian...
are you a geeky asian or a Gh3Tt0 AzN?: I spend my days at the library and my nights swordfighting in crumbling parking lots. I guess that's both. I wear 3 piece suits and drive a shitty car. Okay, definitely both.

are you hot?: I wouldn't have sex with myself. I'm not my type.

do you eat a lot of rice?: No.

are you good at math?: Sure.

If you aren't asian...

first of all you suck: Okay. Can my other half answer this one? This part of the survey will be filled out by my Native American half.

do you wish you were?: Hardly. Then I'd be confused.

Who's your favorite asian?: Marie Ito, Cagefighting Queen and Champion 4 years running. Or maybe Lucy Liu. I don't know, I'm not attracted to Asians.

Do you watch asian porn?: I just fucking said I'm not attracted to Asians. So, no.

Why are asians so fucking hot?: I don't know. I wouldn't do my other half. Maybe it's because they can all see in the dark, they don't get sunburns, they control half the world's money and 3/4's of all firearms.

Are you an anime freak?: No.
i love you too. except your native american half. i thought they were extinct.
Almost. I'm half Chickasaw, the Lost Tribe. Most of the common tribes signed treaties, either with each other to ally themselves against the White Man or with the White Man in order to surrender. The Chickasaw never signed anything with anyone, ever. Their last military raid was in 1935, the last big one at least. Technically they're still at war and so close to extinction that there's a movement for all halflings and quarterlings to start breeding and bring the stock back, so I get some dirty looks from Tribal brothers and sisters anytime I'm seen dating a white girl. Ah well, fuck them. I'd say that you're beyond totally hot, but I think you're underage so I won't say that.
thankyou for the history lesson
very interesting

and yes i am hot i know

and also yes i am jailbait but that doesnt stop most guys
The history bit was part of being a geek.

I figured you got told how hot you were on a regular basis. The likelihood of a term in Prison is part of what stops me. The fact that I don't intend to get involved with anyone for awhile even for casual, cheap sex is the other part.
thats a hott combo

i have a major mongoloid fetish... That includes native americans
Mongoloid is a word I never hear anymore, outside of that old Devo song from the 80's. I never much like Devo or much from the 80's even when they were still in existence.
Well there are arguably 3 races of humans; Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid.. Though the last 2 terms are sometimes taken as "un PC" because of misuse of the words or associated words. But reguardless remain the standard terminology.
It all goes back to connotation. If I were to say "I can't stand that faggot who ran into my car." it would be interpreted that I wasn't so much upset that a careless driver dinged my car, but either upset because that driver was a homosexual or just so purely brickbrained lazy that I was unable to perceive the situation as "A careless driver had an accident" and was forced to see it as "Oh, he must be homosexual." If I used that first statement, it would be normal for people to suddenly know something about me. On the other hand if I were in the deep south and used the phrase "I can't stand that black guy who ran into my car." nobody would assume that I was necessarily racist but rather, had an awareness of someone being seperate, different, something other than the standard-human-being-that's-imagined in conversation jsut for being black. It'd be pretty lousy to be surrounded by people who think that, but unfortunately every area has them and every region has their one group that's inherently social pariahs. If I were searching for a la quincianera in the middle of Beverly Hills and asked some cabdriver "Hey, do you know where the big party is tonight? The one with all the Latinos and the food and the booze and the hot chicks?" then that cabbie might pole-vault to the conclusion that I'm seperating Latinos from everyone else on the sole basis of them being Latino. As opposed to seperating them because there are few Latinos in Beverly Hills and I was searching for a fucking la quincianera. Your Angloid, Mongloid, Negroid categories are the same way. Some people are lazy enough in the head that they automatically find some slant in those words without looking at the context in which they're used.

Unfortunately it's those over-compensating knee-jerk reactionaries that stand in the way of tolerance just as much as the bigots.
Sex: Male


Are you Asian?:Nope sorry

Either way, state your ethnicity: I'm a Brit

If you are asian...
are you a geeky asian or a Gh3Tt0 AzN?:I'm not asian but I'd probably be viewed as geeky while trying to be gheto
are you hot?: I've got a beard....
do you eat a lot of rice?:
are you good at math?:

If you aren't asian...
first of all you suck: alas
do you wish you were?:No coz this japanes chick told me they all dig us british blokes.

Who's your favorite asian?:Beat takeshi, Zoa Whei (she's so hot) and Takeshi Miike

Do you watch asian porn?: I quote a previously submitted answer of 'dur'

Why are asians so fucking hot?:maybe they have some kind of machine?

Are you an anime freak?:hmm on occasion but strictly quality stuff!