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Got Rice Bitch?

Asians give me orgasms
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Anybody , Moderated
If you you're a sexy asian, wish you were asian, or simply think asians are the shit then uhh join this community fucker.

heres the app. fill it out and put it in a post bitch.




Are you Asian?:

Either way, state your ethnicity:

If you are asian...
are you a geeky asian or a Gh3Tt0 AzN?:
are you hot?:
do you eat a lot of rice?:
are you good at math?:

If you aren't asian...
first of all you suck:
do you wish you were?:

Who's your favorite asian?:

Do you watch asian porn?:

Why are asians so fucking hot?:

Are you an anime freak?:

ok pretty much anyone is accepted. But NO anime freaks! suck my ass and get a life.